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May 04, 2016, by Admin
When our cars or bike have some problem, we just want to go for repairing and then first thing comes in our mind, are that mechanic will work well? Is he or she is qualified for attending the problem? Actually, according to the recent studies, it is correct that seventy percent of mechanic in any auto repairing shops are ill-qualified and doesn’t know correctly about repairing and also lack training and understanding
Apr 06, 2016, by Admin
As we know, that there are a lot of stuff in any four wheeler for driving it comfortably or we can say for maintain our car properly. But one of the most important products is its battery, which is the key matter. There are also a lot of issues to motorists in purchasing these batteries, like how exactly the car battery works, which one is good, which one is durable, what is the reasonable price, etc. Here we are trying to guide you with all these queries. Not only this, our auto shop in Herndon can help you in choosing the right battery for your vehicle and our mechanics can safely and professionally install it, which helps you in better driving.
Mar 18, 2016, by Admin
When we buy and drive any two wheelers or four wheelers, one of the most critical things for the maintenance comes in our mind is how frequently we have to change oil of our vehicle? This is actually very common question, which comes in anybody’s mind. The answer of this question, which we regularly hear is, we have to change oil in every 3000, 5000 or 7500 miles or when we take the vehicle for servicing isn’t it? But these answers never satisfied the customers and they are still confused about the matter. Well, but actually there is no simple justification, because all these queries depends on the weather condition, driving style, roads and various other things, which affect the vehicle.